What is Aromatherapy?

Contrary to popular opinion, aromatherapy is not just about smelling pretty oils.   There are a variety of definitions of aromatherapy.    The world of aromatherapy is complicated, because almost every person who studies aromatherapy has a different definition.   With so many uses and purposes it is not a surprise about the variances.   A better question may be, what are your intentions with aromatherapy? I know, it sounds like something you would ask a potential suitor of…

"What is Aromatherapy?"

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"We need you."

Meet our Instructors

We are proud to introduce you to the instructors at Beyond Today, Co. Our instructors are experienced professional with real world experience, committed to sharing knowledge. They demonstrate a personal and public commitment to enhancing continued competence in their area(s) of expertise. Our NCBTMB approved instructors are passionate about their craft, who are dedicated to sharing their passion.

"Meet our Instructors"

Online readings

Interested in a video reading? Have a Reading with Intuitive Rod Lyman. Rod has been able to accurately assess clients within the first few seconds of meeting them. His intuitive approach also lead many people to find relief and love for themselves. Rod skillfully integrates his diverse background and training with his intuitive insight to give you a wonderfully fulfilled reading. General reading Video reading no Questions (Around 5 Min)   1 Question Video Reading…

"Online readings"

Blue Star Celestial Energy

Blue Star Celestial Energy  Originating in Egypt, this advanced healing system comes from the Pleiades star system. It was developed by John Williams in 1995 and then further enhanced and expanded on by Gary Jirauch. This system emphasizes galactic and spiritual healing, and is “a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man – The Rainbow Bridge – enabling the adept to utilize this potential and to function at expanded levels of…

"Blue Star Celestial Energy"

Welcome to Beyond Today, Co.

Emotional balance is necessary in our busy lives, just as vital and valuable as our physical bodies. Research has demonstrated that massage, energy work, aromatherapy and reflexology use enhances your medical care and helps where medicine can’t, for example, lessening or cessation of pain. Incorporating each or any of the above modalities is a strong component and powerful ally in your healthcare. In addition to our services, we enjoy providing community events every month from special…

"Welcome to Beyond Today, Co."

Massage Continuing Education Classes

Beyond Today Company is proud to be a recognized provider of Continuing Education for the NCBTMB.   We offer CEU hours to Licensed Massage Therapists in a wide range of course topics.    Ensuring Massage Therapists have access to reliable, credible, high-quality continuing education throughout their careers.  The instructors at Beyond Today demonstrate a personal and public commitment to enhance continued competence in the massage and/or bodywork profession. Our course list is continually expanding.  Here is our current…

"Massage Continuing Education Classes"