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Have a Reading with Intuitive Rod Lyman.  Rod has been able to accurately assess clients within the first few seconds of meeting them. His intuitive approach also lead many people to find relief and love for themselves . Rod skillfully integrates his diverse background and training with his intuitive insight to give you a wonderfully fulfilled reading.

Rod Lyman, LMT, RMT
Rod Lyman, LMT, RMT

General reading Video reading no Questions (Around 5 Min)

1 Question Video Reading (7 minutes) $20.00 1 Question Video Reading (7 minutes) $20 Click here

2 to 3 Questions Video Reading (10 to 15 min) $30 Click here.. 

Skype Readings 1/2 Skype reading with Rod $40 Click here..

General question Video only 1 1/2 min..

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