Each practitioner brings their own unique gifts to Beyond Today, Co. creating a safe, relaxing, and inviting experience.

Emotional balance is a necessity in our busy lives. It is just as vital and valuable as our physical bodies. Incorporating massage, energy work or meditation in your daily life will assist you in maintaining your overall health, while providing a strong component and powerful ally in your healthcare. Research has demonstrated that massage, energy work, reflexology, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy are all complementary to your medical care.  Our providers are here to help you.  Whether you seek services for yourself or in a group setting you are sure to leave relaxed and uplifted.

Bridget Moore LMT

Cyndee Mubi RMT, CCT

James Watson

Mitch Boykan

Rod Lyman LMT, RMT

Teresa Marie Holland LMT, RMT, CHT

Tina Fritz RMT

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