Cyndee Mubi, RMT, CCT

cyndeeAn internationally-recognized Color and Sound Therapist, Cyndee Mubi channels full-spectrum light energy directly from Source to facilitate releasing and healing treatments for her clients. As a metaphysical, spiritually-focused seeker, Cyndee utilizes her Intuitive abilities to tap into inter-dimensional realms of consciousness, viewing each client in their “wholistic” holographic form as she works to locate and help clear blockages. Cyndee brings alive the entire spectrum of the etheric rainbow within each individual, with many of her clients reporting an experience of the luminous brilliance of these colors as she works. In addition to her Color and Sound Therapy, Cyndee draws upon her abilities as a Reiki Master Teacher, Blue Star Celestial Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master to best meet the needs of each client. Whether you’re looking for a simple “jump start” or help with a larger issue, “Cyndee” loving and compassionate treatments will help you release, relax, and clear the way so you can heal. Schedule an appointment today!

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