James Watson

jimJAMES WATSON , originally from London, England has been a professional Clairvoyant for over 30 years and has been reading in the Valley for 12 years. He doesn’t use cards, but does several things all at once to tell you what he hears, sees and senses coming up in your life to give comprehensive and purposeful information.

He was a former Fellow & Director of the board for The Institute of Hypnotherapy & Parapsychology U. K. where he received his Doctorate in 1987 and was also a former Director & V. P of Central Texas Parapsychology Association in Austin TX where his readings were evaluated for 3 years by clients and board members for consistent good feedback

He has a reputation for accuracy, and has read for literally thousands of people from every walk of life, with continuing consistent good feedback on results.  He can be contacted by voice or text at 480 794 0582.