Mitch Boykan

mitch“I see counseling as a guided process of change.”

There are stages in the process of change that I facilitate. The first stage is an assessment phase – getting to know you better with questions about what brings you in for help: lifestyle, functioning, and family history. Many of these questions assist with the determination of a diagnosis which is used for billing insurance companies, which is desired by most clients. I give a summary, impressions, and homework relevant to the next stage in the process of change.

The second stage is the creation of a written treatment plan. The plan will indicate identified problems, goals, and strengths and strategies for achieving these goals. Your strengths are motivation or attributes or support that you bring to the process. I select from a wide range of therapy strategies those appropriate for your goals and your personality.  Your final plan will be comprehensive, holistic, and tailored to you or you and a partner as individuals.

Then counseling is a matter of putting these strengths and strategies into practice, awareness and action are equally important for desired changes. I do not prescribe medications but I can work equally well with those who do or don’t use anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs. Counseling sessions last 50 minutes and are usually scheduled once a week to commence the change process.

Mitch Boykan is a licensed professional counselor who has been helping individuals, couples, and families for 40 years. He has expertise and experience with common problems dealing with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and relationship distress. He is married and proud of his two grown daughters and two granddaughters. He graduated from Syracuse University with majors in biology and psychology. He graduated from Arizona State University in 1977 with a Master of Counseling degree. He has maintained a private proactive in a pleasant lakeside office for 27 years.