What is Aromatherapy?

aromatherapy, essential oils, ceuContrary to popular opinion, aromatherapy is not just about smelling pretty oils.   There are a variety of definitions of aromatherapy.    The world of aromatherapy is complicated, because almost every person who studies aromatherapy has a different definition.   With so many uses and purposes it is not a surprise about the variances.   A better question may be, what are your intentions with aromatherapy? I know, it sounds like something you would ask a potential suitor of your child before they went out on a date.

There are different types of aromatherapy.

  • Clinical
  • Stress management
  • Beauty therapy
  • Environmental
  • Fragrancing
  • Psychotherapeutic
  • Esthetic
  • Holistic
  • Nursing
  • Medical

With all these different types of aromatherapy it seems as if there is a spectrum of aromatherapy practitioners.   Beauty therapists don’t treat disease, and Medical suggests that specific medical conditions can be treated with essential oils.  Where are you on the spectrum? What are you going to be using aromatherapy for? What is your intention?

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Nikki Scheidecker LMT, CHC, RM has been working professionally as a Licensed Massage Therapist with aromatherapy and essential oils for over 13 years.  She brings a vast knowledge with a clinical background to her classes.   Sharing from her experiences, she builds entertaining and interactive classes to the Public as well as to Licensed Massage Therapists. Her classes are entertaining, and enlightening, packed with details and fun tid-bits of information for you to add to your knowledge collection.